St Albans Skatepark – Edgeware, Ōtautahi

Citycare Property’s structures team recently completed much-anticipated upgrade works to the St Albans skatepark, situated in the Christchurch suburb of Edgeware. The existing skatepark, which featured back-to-back mini ramps and spine, was popular with intermediate-level skaters.

The upgrades mean beginner-level skaters and scooter riders will be better able to use the park, which now benefits from improved transition between the current flow features and the beginner ‘street-style’ extension.

An artist’s impression of the upgraded St Albans skatepark showing the extended features that have more than doubled the size of the skatepark. Render courtesy of RICH Landscapes.

The origins of the project go back to January 2020, when the council asked the community for input into revamping the skatepark to make it more inclusive of beginner skaters and riders, after local school children asked for more beginner-level features.

Enhancing the wellbeing of our communities

As well as providing improved features, the upgrade has increased the size of the skatepark from 350m2 to almost 700m2, giving skaters and riders of all levels a much-improved user experience.

Some of the new features at St Albans skatepark

The new design layout, by expert skatepark designer RICH Landscapes, features a pyramid and wallie ledge, fat grind rail, hipped quarter pipe with platform, high ramp, new seating and an expanded concrete surface. Also, new balustrade barriers have been installed on the half pipe platforms and the roll over and pump bump have been extended. 

“Citycare Property is passionate about delivering quality social infrastructure projects that directly benefit the communities in which we work,” says Project Manager – Structures, Chris Pinion. “The great thing about this project was that there was such a high level of community buy-in right from the start and it’s been great to see the locals really embrace the finished product.”

The recently refurbished St Albans skatepark delivered by the Citycare Property structures team.

Open for Skate Jam, now onto Bishopdale Park skatepark! 

Awarded in November 2021, the contract included the following requirements:

  • excavation and backfilling of the site area to the required levels
  • construction of the skatepark extension
  • installation of a new asphalt area
  • installation of new furniture and balustrades, along with painting of existing poles and a new asphalt design
  • the removal and relocation of two walnut trees
  • reinstatement of the hoggin groundcover to the construction edge

While delays due to COVID-19 shut downs needed to be negotiated, Citycare Property delivered the contract on budget and within the revised deadline of the Easter 2022 weekend, in time for a planned Skate Jam event.

The team has now commenced works on the second part of the contract — upgrades to nearby Bishopdale Park skatepark, which is due for completion in mid-August.