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We enhance the wellbeing of our communities as we build, operate, maintain and renew the social infrastructure of Aotearoa.

Citycare Property is a world-class social infrastructure organisation that delivers locally. We take care of the places and spaces that enrich communities and help them thrive. Thanks to our local knowledge, passion and expertise, we consistently deliver projects and services of the highest calibre to our customers nationwide. We are intimately connected to, and care deeply about, the quality of the work we deliver on the ground – because our frontline staff are from those communities too. And we are dedicated to partnering with customers and the localities we work within.

For over two decades we’ve raised the standard of social infrastructure all across New Zealand. We’ve tended to the gardens at our local parks, constructed and maintained the buildings that house our schools, libraries and art galleries. We’ve prepared the pitches at sports fields for the upcoming season, and responded to the unique and diverse seasonal changes across Aotearoa to ensure our reserves and regional parks shine.

Citycare Property runs a fully integrated, New Zealand-based customer service hub that handles everything from inbound customer service calls to workflow management and job scheduling. Customers get a real-time service solution that delivers both maximum flexibility and responsiveness. This innovative platform integrates seamlessly with our proprietary workflow management software and connects our teams across New Zealand – as we elevate the places and spaces where communities come together.

Our Expertise

Open Spaces Maintenance

Citycare Property is the largest and most experienced Open Spaces Management provider in New Zealand. Our contracts are largely self-delivered, and our people are passionate about their their work and deeply committed to supporting New Zealand's clean green values. With nationwide teams and resources, we’re not only up to speed with local and seasonal knowledge, we’re also able to mobilise instantly to join the frontline in an emergency response.

Whether it’s a playground, reserve, sports field, waterway, coastal area, park, cemetery or garden, we are the experts of choice for most local government authorities. We’re also able to deliver a full range of open asset management services including specialist horticultural, arboricultural and turf management services.

Facilities Management

Citycare Property delivers a wide range of professional trades, from plumbers to electricians, painters to carpenters, and HVAC experts to roofers. Whether directly employed or sub-contracted by us, all our Facilities Management teams are held to the highest standards of safety and quality – supported and coordinated by our state-of-the-art 24/7 operational hub.

Our superlative asset management expertise bales us to determine future needs based on planned levels of service, and we can supply a full range of specialist asset optimisation and trade services. We were the first facilities management provider to achieve TELARC ISO 55001 for a local council contract and are working to bring this level of service to all our customers.

Building Construction

Whether it’s a new design or new build, a refurbishment, repair, seismic upgrade, or strategic demolition, our service offerings span the entire vertical construction spectrum. Factor in our extensive construction project management capabilities and you’re looking at a whole-of-life, end-to-end construction service that delivers unparalleled efficiencies, economies of scale and cost savings.

We specialise in projects ranging from $50,000 to $15M and we have an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients including many schools around New Zealand, as well as state-of-the-art buildings in the Health, Education, Transport and Defence sectors. You can count on us to deliver quality projects on time, on budget, and on spec.



We upgrade the social infrastructure footprint of public spaces.


We manage and oversee non-core functions of social infrastructure. 


We ensure safe, available, accessible and quality public spaces.


We work with customers to renew and rehabilitate social infrastructure.



Citycare Property is able to offer a range of services to prepare your business to continue to operate safely in a COVID-19 environment.

  • Enhanced cleaning services
  • Cleaning equipment and dispenser installation
  • HVAC system tuning and filter upgrades
  • Physical distancing signs, line marking and barriers
  • Office alterations and corporate accommodation
  • Building checks and maintenance

Click here for more information on these services.

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has also created an urgent need for all property and assets owners such as schools, hospitals, event centres and local authorities to review their current maintenance programmes and implement immediate enhance Facilities Maintenance regimes. Click here for more information.

If your business needs assistance with practical options to enable you to operate safely, get in touch to discuss your individual needs.