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Citycare Property appointed to All-of-Government panel for FM services


26 June 2018

Citycare Property's long-running campaign to win a significant Central Government business opportunity has come to fruition with the company's appointment to a six-member panel to deliver an All-of-Government contract for Facilities Management services.

The new contract, as announced by the Government Property Group (GPG), offers government agencies such as Ministries and government departments Facilities Management and Maintenance services for their office accommodation and public areas.

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The panel of FM providers will deliver a more efficient and streamlined process for government agencies to secure FM services, focusing on proactive asset management, quality data and more effective management of government facilities.

Citycare Property’s Strategic Account Manager Steven Pearce says the contract win was tremendously satisfying after the team had invested so much time and energy into structuring their service offerings and developing their long-term relationship with the GPG procurement unit.

 “Citycare Property has a proven track record of delivering reliable, timely, consistent service with a focus on value for money. This positioned us as an ideal partner for the GPG, which was also looking to ensure all government agencies could access flexible, quick and easy FM-related services,” said Pearce.

 “It’s difficult to quantify just how significant this contract will be for Citycare Property, but it has the potential to be absolutely massive. The team is very excited to gear up for this work and we’re looking forward to working with a variety of government agencies."

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The initial term of the panel contract will be four years, with two rights of renewal of two years until 2026.