Citycare Property Restores Memorials for ANZAC Day

In anticipation of ANZAC day, Citycare Property teams are restoring war memorials around Aotearoa. On behalf of Christchurch City Council and RSA Papanui, our team is restoring the Papanui Memorial Reserve, a WWI memorial park in Christchurch.

Divisional Manager of Construction Projects, Brendon Spicer, says the team have been hard at work for the last four weeks, and expect to have the site complete in the next few days, well ahead of ANZAC day services.

Brendon explains “The surface area consists of large concrete pavers with a brick boarder edge. Our scope has been to construct a new basecourse to raise and re level the surface area including new pavers where required. This has removed trip hazards caused by tree root damage and improved the overall drainage, reducing the risk of flooding. Work is being carried out with careful traffic management, minimizing any impact to busy Papanui Road.”

The park is being prepared to host visitors commemorating the contribution of New Zealanders and Australians who served in all wars, on April 25th, ANZAC day.


Citizen’s War Memorial

Project Manager Chris Pinion talks us through the intricacies of the project

Citycare Property has a proven track record of restoring beloved monuments with care and respect. Restoring the Christchurch Citizens’ War Memorial, also known as the Cenotaph, was a major project for our Structures team.

The team at Citycare Property is proud to work on these important sites, as we continue to remember the events that impacted our nation’s history.