Light, Collapsible Barriers a Great Initiative

At Citycare Property, our teams don’t just accept “that’s how we have always done it” as an excuse to not improve performance. In fact, we’re recognised for seeking out better and more innovative ways of working. The Christchurch Citycare Property Sign Shop team of Omid Nassir and John Hytongue along with Doug Peek are a great case in point. 

Citycare Property does a significant amount of our work in areas of high people traffic. When working in these areas our teams must comply with all Health & Safety regulations, which includes ensuring a safe and secure area for the public. Typically cones and “tiger tail” line covers have been used to meet requirements, but these offer their own challenges. They’re heavy and cumbersome to work with, and they don’t provide a visual barrier.

In response, the team developed some light, collapsible solid barriers to secure work areas. The team says they’re easy to store, collect, and put in place. These barriers are currently in use aiding public safety in worksites at the Christchurch Art Gallery and The Civic.