Citycare Property gets Quieter, Greener, Electric Mowers

In late 2023 Citycare Property took possession of the latest in lawnmowing technology – three Toro ‘Grandstand Revolution’ Stand-On electric mowers. These are the only Toro electric mowers in New Zealand and provide Citycare Property with significant advantages over the petrol options.

Citycare Property Fleet Manager, Mike Britnell, says the performance of the electric mower is easily comparable to the petrol mower but offers greater sustainability and operator comfort.

“The electric mower is quieter, so working near Rest Homes and Schools so it’s not nearly as disruptive for our clients. It’s also more comfortable for the operator with reduced noise, less vibration, and no fumes. When we’re mowing on site, no one would even know we were there - the mowers are that quiet.”

Grant Thorpe, Citycare Property Workshop Foreman, says that maintenance costs are reduced with no requirement for engine servicing and fewer moving parts to manage. “Toro is a premium, international, commercial mower brand and so far, we are delighted with performance and delivery.”

The mowers are being used on road landscape jobs for Christchurch City Council as well as at Lincoln University. To make sure everyone had the correct training around equipment use, Citycare Property staff joined with Council staff and mower supplier Parkland, to introduce team members to the mowers.

Citycare Property Sustainability & Environment Manager, Melissa Keys, says “The shift towards electric is one of our initiatives to help achieve the Citycare Property commitment to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.”