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Citycare Property develops the built environment to create more vibrant and liveable spaces. We work with local government and central government agency customers on brownfield social infrastructure development projects. Our systems and processes focus on risk-mitigation, ensuring that our projects are delivered safely, on time and on budget. 

Citycare Property’s building construction division has significant expertise in everything from new builds to refurbishment and remodelling. We can operate alone or in partnership with local venture partners to deliver projects under all contract models and have a supply chain of trusted subcontractors who share our principles and exceptional standards. 

Our speciality is seamlessly integrating projects safely within live environments – so as to ensure optimal use of the infrastructure while work progresses – and to date Citycare Property has repeatedly delivered this capability for more than 70 school projects across New Zealand. 


Citycare Property’s embedded technology systems, processes and resource management expertise enables us to deliver effective and efficient service provision of important, but non-core, functions of our social infrastructure customers.

Our services can help your organisation boost efficiency and gain a competitive edge – all while freeing you to focus on your core business. Our strength and speciality is effective cost planning and management, operations optimisation and risk mitigation and compliance.

Tapping into a larger team of people resources and established systems, our social infrastructure customers ensure contingent resources, continuity of service delivery and systems and processes dedicated to maximising productivity. 


Citycare’s capabilities and embedded resources are designed around maximising whole-of-life asset value through prudent asset management and effective and efficient delivery of maintenance.

This value, often realised through maintenance service delivery, innovation and continuous improvement on long-term maintenance contracts, is critical to ensuring our customers have budget surety and can prioritise spending.

Many categories of social infrastructure are deemed critical infrastructure and/or support essential services, and our teams take pride in optimising the quality of the community user experience through ensuring quality, safe, available and accessible social infrastructure. 


Underpinned by an informed decision-making framework of holistic asset management and actionable insights derived through data science, Citycare Property supports owners of social infrastructure in making whole-of-life renewal investment decisions, working closely with them to renew and/or rehabilitate their infrastructure.

Our speciality is identifying the most optimal time to undertake renewals work with a view to reducing total cost of ownership without losing sight of the importance of delivering whole-of-life asset value.

Citycare Property has a proven track record of reducing reactive maintenance spend through the optimisation of planned maintenance and renewal programmes.