Citycare Property's focus on the safety and welfare of our people, and those who work with and around us, continues to be the single most important dynamic of our business. We use the word ‘dynamic’ deliberately because robust safety management demands a dynamic approach to constantly optimising our safety systems and processes to maintain staff engagement and understanding of them.

We continue to place the highest levels of attention to driving a 100% safe workplace culture and positively benchmark our performance through active participation in the Business Leaders’ Health & Safety Forum. One area of particular focus has been the progressive development of our Contractor Health and Safety Management system, ensuring the contractors we use are appropriately prequalified by external specialist organisations, e.g. IMPAC (Prequal) or Site Safe (SiteWise).

Citycare Property’s membership of the ACC Accredited Employer Programme at tertiary level also continues to provide significant benefits to our employees and the business, with the third consecutive year of reductions in claims and injury costs. Building on this framework, coupled with ISO certification against NZS4801, Citycare intends to continue our development of robust injury prevention health systems and adoption of lead indicators to develop and reinforce safe behaviours and attitudes.

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