Building on asset management and asset optimisation experience gleaned over several years, Citycare Property makes use of a proprietary facilities management platform EventManager for the benefit of its customers.

Designed as an open integration application with bespoke capability, EventManager can either sit alongside or replace existing customer technology.

This highly capable software brings together workforce planning, asset management, data capture and reporting into one integrated system containing detailed asset and condition data and job event history. Coupled with the inclusion of all planned preventative maintenance programmes, EventManager essentially gives one all the details and tools needed to provide proactive long-term maintenance advice to any new clients as well as the more than 500 Citycare Property clients already utilising this tool.

Updated, real-time data is sent to EventManager from the field via smart devices, while ongoing monitoring by our scheduling team enables entry of new jobs, along with job information and status amendments and overall performance monitoring. Full client visibility is provided via a dedicated customer portal.

EventManager also provides the connection between Citycare Property’s ISO-certified systems, processes and on-the-ground delivery, enabling client visibility across all contract activity in real time and auditability and confirmation of performance against contract specifications.

Additionally, EventManager and Pronto – Citycare Property’s financial and job costing system – are also integrated and all transactions such as labour and plant hours, materials and services used, are seamlessly captured. This allows costs to be processed and linked to jobs and assets and for all financial reports to be generated in the required format and frequency, to meet individual client requirements.

With the ability to consolidate information from subcontractors and other data sources, EventManager is a ‘single source of truth’ offering reporting and integrated invoicing giving visibility and transparency, as well as reducing time-consuming admin processes for Citycare Property clients.

The business continues to invest in upgrades to EventManager in the form of enhancements and additional functionality, all designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients without disruption to the outcomes we achieve at ground zero.

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