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The Arcades Project


1 December 2019

Christchurch’s Arcades Project has become a post-quake icon in Christchurch city.  The project was designed and constructed by Te Pūtahi to offer a beautiful and dramatic addition to contribute to the look and feel of the city during the rebuild. It’s been on its current site since June 2013 but will be available to enliven public spaces for the next 25 years. The Arcades Project was born from a desire to add movable infrastructure to empty sites for community and public events and it is reconfigurable and relocatable. It consists of ten modular units 6.3 metres high; each describing an open vault and is located on the corner of Durham and Kilmore Streets.

The structures require regular maintenance and Citycare Property were pleased to be part of the volunteer maintenance team that included Te Pūtahi - Christchurch centre for architecture and city-making, the Student Volunteer Army, and student volunteers from Christ’s College. The arches required a new oil application to protect and maintain the wood.

Citycare Property supplied project management skills and safety processes for the two-day project, as well as operators for the scissor lifts who supervised and instructed the students on the work undertaken. Citycare suppliers provided the scissor lifts at reduced rates for the project.

Thanks to the SVA, Te Pūtahi, Christ’s College and our suppliers for their time and assistance. Another great Project!

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