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Shut the Gate!

Christchurch Technology

23 July 2019

The Christchurch Botanic Gardens have magnificent entrance heritage gates off Rolleston Avenue. Constructed over 100 years ago, the gates feature ornate iron work that reflect the time and period of design.

One of the unique design features of these period gates is the use of a single collar type hinge on the upper area of the gate, and pivot bar that sits within a pivot plate and socket below ground. The gate uses these to swing open and closed.

Over the years, the in-ground pivot plates had worn and broken, resulting in the gates being on a kilter, rendering them virtually impossible to open and close. Replacing heritage parts can be an expensive business but Doug Peek, Structures Supervisor with Citycare Property, has been making use of one of the latest innovations in technology available to businesses.

With the assistance of TWP Design and Development, the original Pivot plates have been reproduced using 3D print technology. The 3D print replica was then used as a template to recreate two cast iron replica pivot plates. 

On a frosty July morning, the Citycare structures team was out and about making the adjustments and installing the new pivot plates and collar bush piece to get the gates operating freely again. Making use of 3D technology and printed prototypes to provide a solution for this and other problems provides a sensible, cost effective solution. 3D technology and the casting process is much faster and more cost-effective than arranging for a pattern to be manufactured by a tool maker in the traditional manner.

The use of new technology within Citycare is becoming more commonplace and is helping Citycare to drive market leadership and provide more cost-effective solutions to its customers.