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New spider mower enables easier, safer access to maintain hard-to-reach areas

Dunedin Technology

22 February 2019

Citycare Property's new spider mower is a striking sight, as it negotiates the hard-to-reach areas in the company's open space maintenance contract in Dunedin.

The ultra-rugged 4-wheel-drive Spider Mower, by Mean Green Mowers NZ, is low-weight and fully remote-controlled, and is capable of moving forwards, sideways and completing a 360 degree turn - hence the name spider mower.

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"Our Dunedin contract has a number of slopes that are steep and tricky to mow using conventional ride-on mowers," said Citycare Property's Operations Manager Wayne Carling.

"The spider mower's special qualities mean that Citycare Property can now, more easily and safely, access some of the spots that have been troublesome in the past to maintain."

The spider mower also has a winch capability which enables its safe use on very steep and slippery slopes.

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"Citycare is committed to protecting the health and safety of all staff at all times, and the remote-controlled features mean that operators do not have to work in potentially hazardous areas, and do not have to walk repeatedly up and down steep slopes.

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"It also means staff will not be exposed to the vibrations and fumes typically experienced from traditional mowers. These were important considerations for us in choosing to deploy the mower," said Wayne Carling.

The spider mower joins a growing inventory of innovative and environmentally sustainable maintenance equipment that has been deployed by Citycare in recent months - for example electric ride-on mowers, electric stand-on mowers, thermal weeding units and a robotic autonomous mower that is currently in a trial phase.