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New solution to an old problem


26 August 2020

Maintaining public facilities also involves continuously looking out for new ideas and innovative ways to assist our customers and maximise value for community initiatives.

Presently the Citycare Property maintenance teams are trialling a new product for the Christchurch City Council and Auckland Council that will save money overall by reducing the time our team spend clearing roof gutters to prevent building damage from gutters overflowing.

The GutterFoam solution prevents falling leaves and other objects blocking the gutters and downspouts but still allows rainwater to flow. The foam is manufactured in a wedge shape allowing excess stormwater to flow underneath. It also deters birds and prevents mosquitos from breeding in gutters.

Stuart Jacques, Citycare Property Account Manager, says, “We’re always looking at innovative ideas for our customers to protect and extend the life of their assets and to reduce their total maintenance costs.

“In this case, there’s a small capital expenditure up front with the benefit of lower maintenance costs over the lifespan of the foam, which is expected to be 15 years or so,” Stuart says.

“Sometimes it's the simplest of things that make a big difference and it’s good to try different approaches to age-old problems.

“The gutters will still need cleaning but now on a much-reduced frequency. It’s a simple product, but effective,” Stuart says.

The Christchurch trial involves five buildings where the foam has been installed – Abberley Park Hall in St Albans, Avice Hill Arts and Crafts Centre in Burnside, Risingholme Homestead in Opawa, Governors Bay Community Centre and Fendalton Community Centre.

Citycare Property teams will continue to monitor the GutterFoam to ensure it’s functioning as expected.

In Auckland, Citycare Property Building Maintenance Manager Mike Fe’ao says a trial of the product is also underway at the Te Puke ō Tara Community Centre in Otara.  

“Previously used gutter products involved tedious screwing and unscrewing of mesh to roofs or regular pipe-brushing, but GutterFoam seems a more simple and effective solution,” Mike says.

This solution is being trialed in conjunction with our partners at Goleman Group. 

Foam before2

Without GutterFoam

Foam in place 5

Foam in place