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New electric mower stands up for the environment

Christchurch National Technology

12 February 2019

Hard on the heels of Citycare Property’s introduction of electric ride-on mowers into its mowing fleet, the company has deployed an electric stand-on mower in its contracts to maintain high-profile public spaces and popular inner-city parks.

Powered by long-lasting LEM batteries and almost silent from a distance of ten metres, the new mower has been a regular sight in Christchurch’s iconic Victoria Square over the summer of 2018/19, where it has been keeping the recently-restored space in mint condition.

18 11 City Care mower 04 web

The introduction of the electric stand-on mower, marketed by Mean Green Mowers, is another milestone in Citycare’s drive to move to more sustainable technologies.

Citycare’s Procurement Manager Rusty MacKay explains, “Citycare is pioneering a number of new, more environmentally-responsible technologies in our maintenance contracts, and we’re keen to show how well they work so that other contractors will be inspired to follow in our footsteps.

“The new stand-on mower enables Citycare to look after our shared spaces and the people who use them, as well as looking after our own operators. Plus we’re taking a stand for the environment, which is one of Citycare’s core values.”

18 11 City Care mower 01 web

The field staff who work with and alongside the new machine are equally enthusiastic about the introduction of the new electric stand-on mower.

“The quality of the cut is second-to-none and its ease of use makes it worlds apart from older conventional mowers,” says Craig Bentley – Turf Supervisor, Citycare Property.

“It’s so quiet that you can easily talk to each other and members of the public while it’s running. And with no fumes and almost no vibrations, it’s a much safer and more user-friendly piece of kit.”

Says Rusty MacKay, “Keeping our people and members of the public safe is Citycare’s number one priority, and the new electric mowers that we are deploying into the field are a major step forward for safety and sustainability.”