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Citycare Property awarded graffiti removal contract by Christchurch City Council


5 July 2018

Christchurch City Council has awarded a three-year Graffiti Vandalism Removal Services contract to Citycare Property.

The contract win recognises Citycare Property's successful track record of providing quality facilities maintenance services to Council and further underlines the company's long-term commitment to the Christchurch rebuild.

To deliver the graffiti removal contract the Citycare Property team will be on duty seven days a week, using best-practice painting methodologies. They will undertake proactive inspections and maintenance of graffiti hotspots, with the help of a 100-strong maintenance team acting as eyes and ears, watching out for instances of graffiti in the field. The goal is to reduce the graffiti problem to marginal levels that can be dealt with simply as a regular maintenance service.

Citycare Auckland March18 159

The fight against graffiti vandalism can be a constant irritant for Local Authorities as it demands significant time and money, and can draw those valuable resources away from other much-needed public infrastructure investments. Citycare Property has an established graffiti removal capability, and the company is pleased to have won the opportunity to further its contribution to the fight against vandalism. The new contract commences on 1 July 2018.

Reducing environmental impacts and encouraging sustainability in all its activities are core values for Citycare, and the company has successfully trialled the use of a new thermal steam unit to remove graffiti.

STeam Clean

This tool avoids the use of chemical products in areas with high environmental risk where traditional cold water-blasting is ineffective. The steam unit is expected to become a key weapon in Citycare's fight against eradicating graffiti and the damage caused.

Citycare sees the awarding of the graffiti removal contract as an opportunity to further strengthen the relationship with Christchurch City Council, while working together to deliver a liveable city to the people of Christchurch through a sustainable, community-oriented and performance-driven partnership.