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CDHB Hospital Shuttle Stop constructed within 5 working days


13 July 2018

A free shuttle service linking Christchurch Hospital to the nearby Lichfield Street public parking building was up and running on Monday 2 July, after a comfortable waiting area was constructed by Citycare Property in a very quick turnaround.

Situated on the second floor of the Lichfield Street car park, the Shuttle Stop waiting area accommodates 16 people in two rows of comfortable seats, with two disability spaces.

In mid-June Christchurch City Council asked Citycare Property to design and construct the Hospital Shuttle Stop, to be operational by the first week of July. The project scope specified that the waiting area needed to be self-standing, which meant there could be no holes drilled into any part of the parking building’s structure, and the building's floor also needed to be protected.

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The project was given the green light a week later, when materials were sourced and the project started.

The completed Hospital Shuttle Stop was fully complete and ready for its first customers within five working days, including reserved parking markings and directional signs.

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People attending appointments or visiting patients at Christchurch Hospital simply drive in at 33 Lichfield Street, park their car in an available space, then make their way to the Hospital Shuttle waiting area. The first hour of parking is non-chargeable, and the Hospital Shuttle does a round trip to and from the hospital every 15 minutes.

Hospital Shuttle Sign